We are the Grateful Generation


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The Grateful Generation

Grateful Generation, is recreating the definition of nightlife, pairing the unlikely worlds of consciousness, creativity, collaboration, and connection with Los Angeles’ clubbing into a unique immersive experience where everyone is a part of the magic. Grateful has built a new movement in LA by providing an evolution to former Hollywood denizens; turned off by empty hedonism, looking for something more inspiring and fulfilling from its nocturnal playgrounds.

Far more than a party, Grateful draws a select group of people from diverse walks of life, but who share common philosophies; from the hedonistic to the spiritual, people come together to celebrate life for all its fullness. Grateful fosters a community around creativity and self-expression and creates connections through live music, performance, wellness speakers and artisan vendors. “Life is a gift, you are a gift, and this is our gift to you!” say Co-Creators Alex Willems and Chris Jackson.

Outside of its club night, Grateful Generation extends its culture into the day with festivals, hikes, and charity events.