MARTyPARTy is more than just an electronic music producer and performer. Undefined by a single style or genre, MARTyPARTy covers the musical spectrum from slow and sexy to high energy intense dance. In his compositions he explores the limits of the audible spectrum including sub bass, poly-melodic harmonies and futuristic sound design.

MARTyPARTy produces and composes original music. He performs live sets of his high and low energy music. MARTyPARTy has toured for many years playing his unique live sets, utilizing an ambitious four-channel setup instead of the usual two.

MARTyPARTy’s expert composition, songwriting, production, engineering, and rich background of influences keep his music fresh, exciting and relevant. By boldly combining elements of trap, hip-hop, house and a variety of other genres, he creates a sound that truly stands out in the vast world of bass music. With his seasoned touring and studio experience and a unyielding passion for innovation, MARTyPARTy will keep pushing the boundaries of the musical terrain and keep bringing fans to sonic fruition.