Kristina Joy, known in the music world as “MAHAL” (meaning “LOVE” in Filipino), has been flirting with the decks for a couple of years now. This Jane of All Trades loves rockin the dance~flow for the fun of it, not as a career.

Mahal has a charismatic, playful, fun, positive, energetic vibe and is always seen dancing and having a blast to her own sets.

From Glitch-Hop to mid-tempo Breakbeats to dirty Trap, laced with the sounds of hip-hop, funk, soul, latin, reggae, swing, R&B, jazz and more; Mahal always strives to keep it eclectic, fun, and take you on a musical journey. One thing that’s also for certain is, Mahal loves that BASS; so you can expect her to vibrate your tail feathers at every show. This Los Angeles native believes that it’s never too late to be what you choose to be. Her passion for experiencing a variety of creative outlets, some even later in her life – like DJ’ing, is inspiring. LOVE is her deepest life-purpose, hence the name, “Mahal”.