Joe Wendt, aka jOBOT, began his love affair with music fingering the strings of the upright jazz bass at age 12. Never losing track of his classical training, his repertoire voraciously swallowed up every genre, and Jazz cohabitated happily with many muses—dearest to his heart, Funk.

It was love at first drop when Headtron family heard jOBOT’s unforgettable sunrise session at the 5 Points Musical Festival in 2011. jOBOT has earned his place in a home amongst artists equally committed to pushing the sonic envelope at Headtron. His widely acclaimed debut EP, “Sweet and Low” has been dominating the charts since its release on Feb 29th of this year. Since then he has been slaying shows in and around the western United States including a stellar set at The Do LaB stage at Coachella 2012.