Imagika Om


Imagika Om has been a sonic alchemist & electronic artist for nearly a decade. Whether she is creating tracks full of earthy beats & cosmic layers sparking ancient remembrances, or live remixing & spontaneously activating the space with her potent blend of exotic world-fusion rhythms, tantric temple tribal percussion, sacred ceremonial sounds, live mystical invocations, tonal healing, pulsating mid-tempo mantras, deep dakini devotional dub, & kundalini-raising bass, these are some of the ingredients that create the innovative and unique sound that she is known for, OMstep!

Imagika has co-produced events withTemple of Visions and collaborated with many others to create unique and cutting edge events, performances, and rituals, uniting music, dance, technology, spirituality, with multi-media for next level experiences, merging the exotic, sacred, and modern, the ancient and future into one.

Imagika has been channeling new sounds for her debut album, Cosmic Sutras, now out on Merkaba Music.