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Hannah Fraser is a professional mermaid and environmentalist, who creates her own functional yet highly artistic tails. She features in short films,music videos, ad campaigns, photo shoots, environmental docos, large events, aquariums and parties.

Hannah Fraser creates her own functional yet highly exquisite artistic mermaid tails. Her passion began at an early age when she created her first tail at age 9, and she is rumoured to be the first freelance professional mermaid in the world. Working in film and television for many years, Hannah’s speciality has evolved into underwater mermaid performance. She has featured in short films,music videos, advertising campaigns, photo shoots, environmental docos, large scale events, aquariums, and parties around the globe. She recently appeared in the Oscar award winning film, ‘The Cove’, and stars in an upcoming tv special risking her life to swim with Great White Sharks! Hannah has trained to hold her breath for minutes at a time and can swim to depths of over 30 feet. A passionate environmentalist, Hannah has also traveled the world speaking at events and conventions about her experiences swimming with great white sharks, humpback whales, seals, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and other marine life to inspire people to conserve the Ocean environment.

‘I feel the most free and expressive while underwater. I think there has been a dreamtime when mermaids were part of our reality. But with the technological age, we’ve lost touch with that. I’d like to help awaken people to their personal experience of creative play, where the lines of fantasy and reality blend. Being a mermaid is my lifelong expression of joy. I hope everyone finds their own passion… and lives it!’

Hannah is available for events, photoshoots, films and artistic projects. You can contact her at info@hannahfraser.com