Zor FyreGod



ZOR has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Caribbean, South Pacific and Europe since ’98 studying and performing the Fire arts. By incorporating martial arts and dance he has created an exotic one man Fireshow that is quite breathtaking and immediately captivates and inspires the audience with its beauty, reverence and showmanship. He now performs for circus acts, parties, nightclubs, weddings, children’s camps, team building firewalks, and city sponsored events. Recent works include opening night parties for the prestigious Cirque du Soleil, the official FireConclave performances of the Burningman arts festival, and appearances in Rolling Stone, Smithsonian and New Yorker.

Born and bred of sturdy stock, this good little Baptist boy from Texas graduated from Baylor University with a healthy start in traditional moral values. Upon moving to Southern California, he heard a deeper voice. The straight and narrow gave way to the wandering unknown. The call of the wild is his true spiritual path.

For bookings contact: zmf@fyregod.com