Return to the Free City: ACABAR


Friday, July 25, 2014



Escape to Morocco, July 25th at Acabar in Hollywood for for Return to The Free City, a very sexy special evening of fantasy, magic and revelry with amazing performances, sights, sounds and tastes to indulge your senses. Please respond as soon as possible if you would like a reservation. We have a very limited number of tickets and tables available. Return to the Free City at ACABAR!

From 1950 to 1969 the city of Tangier, Morocco was a place of refuge for artists, musicians, writers and all creative expressionists alike. Everyone from the beat generation to the gurus of fashion used to hang out at Madame Georgia’s renowned saloon that was known for its delicacies and drinks, but most importantly for her private party lounge called the “Acabar” which in Spanish means “to finish’. To them Acabar was, ‘The End’. It was the supreme escape, their free city, where no one wanted to leave.

Join us as we return to the Free City to be swept away into this temple of entertainment, movement and sound, where around every bend something new awaits to be discovered.

But be wary of gypsies, spies and spells: the lady charming the snakes, always charms much much more in this magical dream-world that is so eclectic and fun spirited that you could easily lose and find yourself… all at once.

Hold on as we take you on a magic carpet ride, but don’t forget to let go once in a while 😉

Bottle service and dinner reservations can be made with Maria Teresa Chavez

Limited discount pre-sale tickets and more information are available here: