Champagne Drip


The mysterious producer Champagne Drip is the auditory equivalent of making love to a beautiful person on a tropical beach at sunset with a stiff frozen drink by your side. (I’ll let you take a moment to enjoy that image.) 2014 has been the year of low-profile, faceless producers. Zhu, Slow Magic, and now Champagne Drip have shown the world that you don’t need a face to make it in electronic music anymore. On the surface this emphasis on anonymity is just a cheeky way to subvert the DJ-centered world of big-room EDM, but beyond that it’s a powerful choice that removes the person/persona from the equation and forces the music to stand on its own and speak for itself. So not only is Champagne Drip thinking outside the box with his/her original brand of “Drip-hop” but he is breaking down cultural conventions as well.

The debut EP Radio Bikini, released by Mad Decent, features sounds that are tropical, trippy, and silky smooth making it right at home on Diplo’s label. More recently, the faceless artist was commissioned to remix the banging “You & Me ft. W. Darling” off of Bassnectar’s latest masterwork Noise vs. Beauty which was turned into a tasteful purple tune that maintains the feeling behind the original.