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Gong Chair

The Gong Guy

The sound of the gong takes you beyond words and ego. Its resonance takes you to a deeper connection of source. It is the purest sound of creation and light.

A Vibrational Sound Bath/Sound massage. As you are leaned back in a gravity chair you will be “bathed” in the sounds of planetary tuned gongs tuned to the harmonic frequency of The Sun and the Earth resonance, chakra based crystal singing bowls, and angelic wind chimes. The sound effects the body on the deepest cellular levels. Within this experience, tensions are released, blockages cleared, and the mind is able to stop its chattering. The vibrations cleanse you as they encourage purification. It washes away worries and other obstacles that stand in your way of clarity and creativity. A truly unique experience!

Experience: cellular regeneration, stress and pain reduction, energy synchronization, creative thinking, immune system enhancement, balance of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, alpha and theta brain states, spontaneous healing

Shaman Shack Herbs

Shaman Shack Herbs

We feature sophisticated herbal formulations drawn from a 5000 year old Pre-Taoist health lineage called The “Gate of Life.” Shaman Shack Herbs offers “Tonic” herbal formulas, based on this highly evolved ancient Chinese tradition.

Please explore our healthful products and formulas, and experience the essence of Taoist Herbology, brewing teas of our whole-herb Tonic formulas. You will see, taste and feel the high quality of our herbs. Our powdered herbal extracts and formulas are also highly recommended for healthful integrity. We practice what we preach… Enjoy!