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Over the last two years, the original sounds of Los Angeles-based producer ChrisB. have taken the underground electronic music scene by storm. Drawn to music at an early age, Chris always had an instrument in his hands while embracing everything from hip-hop and funk, to jazz and classic rock. His passion for songwriting lead him to playing guitar in bands throughout his formative years, but it wasn’t until being exposed to the cutting-edge sounds of electronic music that he realized his true creative calling.

Always eager to push himself, this charismatic producer spends countless hours in the studio sharpening his own production skills, where his notoriously deep and sensual soundscapes take over the dance floor. But don’t get it twisted, it’s not all chocolates and silk panties. Armed with a voracious appetite for exploring new sounds, ChrisB. can set any party off with his glitchy, crunk-heavy beats and hard-hitting 808’s. Always striving to strike the perfect balance in his live sets, ChrisB. takes listeners on a psychedelic journey of beautiful melodies and driving bass.

In addition to his work as an artist and producer, Chris plays an essential role in A&R decisions and development at Headtron, the West Coast’s premier bass music crew.



Nicholas “Pumpkin” Alvarado is your new favorite music producer/DJ. His spot-on song selections, special remixes and original productions have made for unforgettable live sets that seamlessly span every genre and eschew the latest trends in favor of timeless melodies that will leave a ginormous smile plastered across your face.

Robotic Pirate Monkey


Arguably one of the most noteworthy names hailing from the electronic talent pool that is Boulder, Colorado – Robotic Pirate Monkey has been doted “one of the fastest up-and-coming Dubstep collaborations” by Epic Colorado Magazine and the young duo has no intentions of slowing their enormous forward momentum. Brought together by a love for skiing, RPM quickly found their niche in the dense Colorado music scene and took their unique sound and style on the road.


Bottle Service

Bottle Service

What happens when you combine Electro, House, 3 bass-music veterans, and Sheer Ridonkulosity? BOTTLE SERVICE. These 3; Stephan Jacobs, Henry Strange, and Metaphase are combining their musical forces to give you an experience of auditory delight that promises deep drops to pop your tops and have you spraying bubbly all over yourselves. Enjoy a taste of Bottle Service at their premiere set for A-Bun-Dance, and get your corks blown…