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Naughty Princess


Naughty Princess weaves beautiful melodies and sexy bass beats into a journey to inspire that dance floor heat!

Jasmine Fraser grew up with the influence of traditional Indian music, and was inspired by the intricate Tabla beats and soaring vocals. Being part of the electronic music scene in Melbourne when it took off in the 90’s, her passion for dance was ignited, starting in the underground outdoor Trance scene and then moving into other genres as they emerged like Trip-Hop, Breakbeat, Jungle and Drum n Bass.

Relocating to San Francisco in 2009 brought her into the West Coast Bass scene of Dubstep, Trap and 808, and it was here amongst the fabulously funky Burner crew who drop the best beats and throw down so hard on the dance floor that she really felt she’d found her tribe!

After a lifetime of pursuing and moving to this music, it was finally time to dive in deeper, and DJ Naughty Princess was hit the LA scene in royal style! Her sets range from beautiful downtempo soundscapes to fun eclectic beats to searing late-night bass-drops to make the dance-floor go wild! The driving bass is overlaid with a diverse range of beats, tasty trap blending into hip hop, urban styles and gangsta grooves, with melodies and lyrics soaring through it all bringing the sacred, the saucy and the sublime!

Naughty Princess has played at top events and festivals including Lightning in a Bottle, Enchanted Forest Gathering, Abundance by the Grateful Generation, Belasco Theatre LA, Dirty Beetles Black & Gold Ball, Sound Nightclub LA, Camp Questionmark at Burning Man where the lineup included Skrillex, Diplo, Rusko and Griz, and on the Abraxas Art Car which earned her a glowing review in Fest300 magazine’s “The Most Magical Musical Moments of Burning Man 2016”.

Based in the LA area, Naughty Princess is all about bringing the sounds which light you up and inspire you to get down!!


ABunDance – The Art of Love!!

Abundance The Art of Love” /></p>
<p>Saturday February 25th 2017<br />
9:00 PM – 4:00 AM</p>
<p><a href=GET TICKETS


Welcome to the world of A-Bun-Dance, Where Art, Music, and People become ONE! Experience the ART of LOVE at Aspen House with music by Gladkill, Huglife, Hex Cougar, ChrisB., and Naughty Princess!

Immerse Yourself in an indoor / outdoor wonderland of Amazing Art, Visuals, Playful Performers, Vibey Vendors, and of course, a Lineup of Epic Music!

Get Money Back by sharing with your friends after your purchase. You can even get your ticket for Free! (Details on Ticketing Page. The sooner you get your ticket and start sharing the easier it is!)

Explore all the possibilities of being Pure love and transform into the Greatest Gift that you are as your very own work of He(Art)!


Grateful Generation welcomes you to a sensational evening of experience and expression in The Art of Love.




Hex Cougar

Chris B.

Naughty Princess

Let’s join together and manifest our Abundance as we dance, drink, and play…

Limited discount pre-sale tickets and more information are available here:


ABunDance Holiday Hideaway!!

Abundance Neverland

Saturday December 17th, 2016
9:00 PM – 4:00 AM



You’re invited for our HOLIDAY HIDEAWAY!

Get down to the best beats from our ABUNDANCE DJ’s as we inaugurate the swankiest new downtown venue, ASPEN HOUSE. (There are only 500 tickets available for this event and it will sell out! Get your tickets early.)

A stunning, indoor and outdoor space with Sensational Sounds, Luminous Lighting, and Cozy Decor.

PLUS we’re making your holiday shopping dreams come true with a top notch collection of our best vendors, with special discounts for all of our Grateful Fam!

So, bring your mistletoe, your sexy or silly outfits & get your jingle on!
Let’s party like it’s Santa’s Twerkshop!

Join us for a Cozy, Saucy Night Of Holiday Merriment~

Where Art, Music, and People become ONE!

DJ’s, Performers, Vendors, Live Painting, Healers, and Fashion. Express , LOVE, and Dance!

Inspire, and be inspired by amazing music, phenomenal live artists, performers, mischievous elves, and all sorts of other wondrous winter creatures, belly dancers, massage, healers, vendors, organic treats, and festive drinks.

Come together and manifest your Abundance as we Dance, Play, Love…


Let’s join together and manifest our Abundance as we dance, drink, and play…

Limited discount pre-sale tickets and more information are available here:




Born and raised in Chicago, IL – Love my my family…love all of my friends 🙂 Been in Cali about 4 years now but only been DJ’n out here about 1.5 years so far. First Started on the 1’s n 2’s when I was 19 just out of high school. I bought DJ in a box and it was all over from there 🙂 Looking forward to making a bunch of new friends and making the world dance 🙂



One of Arizona’s best kept secrets, Mason Reno also known as the alias Honest, has created a name for himself throughout the valley and the rest of the world. With a strong love for house music, the 25 year old producer helped create and cultivate a style of music known as “Lush House” and is proving continually that he has the ability to get anyone dancing with his unique and catchy melodies. After a string of strong remixes for artists such as Ellie Goulding and Band of Horses, Honest is looking to have a break out year in 2015 and beyond with a variety of new original music.



A result of musical growth through many genres, Will Gresham AKA Gummy has turned his ear toward the pop-infused world of electronic music. Building off slew of remixes and originals, Gummy has recruited a handful of incredible vocalists and collaborators to usher in 2015 with his unique mixture of pop and electronic music. Gummy has played at some of the biggest venues including Avalon (Hollywood), Snow Globe (Tahoe), EDC (Las Vegas), Republik (Hawaii), Castle (Chicago), EPR (San Francisco), Volume (Seattle) and Lizard Lounge (Dallas). A veteran DJ and a skilled producer, Gummy promises to captivate his audiences on the dance floor as well as online with his melodic take on dance music.