Abhi Thati – Visions from the Source

Abhi Thati


Daydreaming his way through school, Abhi’s notebook would be covered in sketches of abstract landscapes and strange shaped creatures. After high school, feeling completely confused and abandoned by the educational system, Abhi went on a introspective journey. Soon enough that confused look turned into the neutral gaze of the Buddha.

Abhi received a B.Sc. in computer animation from Full Sail University. He now works as a freelance digital artist.

Artist Statement:
My intention is to aid the progression of human consciousness. We live in a world where the ego has spiraled out of control and the divine feminine is often over looked. I believe art is a catalyst to a higher awareness of one’s self and surroundings. Through promoting visionary artistic expression we can direct the collective consciousness into a more humble and aware state. My art is a direct reflection of the experience of the person witnessing it. Our conscious evolution will be paved by the creation of new neural pathways, enabling us to truly embrace the organism that we are a part of.